WordPress Tuition

Old Fashioned You-come-to-me face-to-face tuition.
It gets results, fast.

Want to know how to do it yourself, saving time and money?

WordPress Tuition will show you how: you choose the subjects, and in one to one sessions I’ll show you how to upkeep and modify your own website.

Teaching will be supervised, on your live website and guaranteed to move you forward. The first session will be two hours, one hour to be taught the second to do what you have learnt, under supervision.

I will include two weeks email backup as part of each session.

You’ll get a free ebook about the latest edition of WordPress too!

Prices are from £25/hour, with discounts for bulk.

If you want to know more please email me.

01424 863 865 | 07840 779 161

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