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What is included

What you get for your investment

There is a core build which all websites get, to include the basics which make any decent, working website.

The site is built on WordPress using Elementor Pro and the GeneratePress Pro theme. Woocommerce is the core ecommerce tool. This allows unique frameworks to be built for each business at reasonable cost.

There are  refinements clients want and need to tailor the website to their business, and to their way of working.

Some refinements and additions entail charges and some don’t. I will inform you from the start.

More informally: a chat about the best way to use your site, suggestions on the most time effective way of doing it, and technical advice on any aspect of the process.

Included in all websites

The following are on all sites (unless a client particularly says No!).
The list is not set in stone. For instance if you have 3 galleries not 1 that’s no problem.

  • Responsive design
  • Up to approx 35 pages
  • Contact forms
    Not always necessary
  • Gallery
    Optimized, sized images, up to 75
  • About page
    One of the most read pages on any site. Important!
  • email addresses
    set up on the hosts server with redirections etc.
  • Terms and Conditions
    Core info provided by client
  • Web legal requirements
  • 3 months support (from 'going live' date.)

Examples of refinements/additions

These are a few common additions to a basic website. There are many others as every business is unique.

  • Specialist quote form
  • ecommerce
  • Interactive calendar

Important extra notes

These are points which are often overlooked but are important to know from the start.

  • Terms & Conditions
    Core info provided by client
  • emails will not be set up on your equipment. Setup details only will be provided.
    I can't cover every type of device, every email client and every setup usage.
  • Google Account
    You are strongly advised to set up a Google account. This will be done for you if you order extra SEO services.

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