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Website Design

The most important design concern is making a site that does what the owner wants. Increased revenue, more customers, recognition; what the owner wants.

The second most important design concern is making a site Responsive.
Responsive means making a site work properly on smartphone, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Nearly 70% of websites are seen on a smartphone, so yours has to have a professional responsive design to look better than your competition’s sites. I make sure it does.

Design also has to please the reader and convince them your offer is the one they want. Good design is a critical part of the sales package, and where I stress the importance of research, knowledge and experience.

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Lets see how this applies to your business:

Sole Traders website design

Usually a ‘feelgood’ home page to give visitors confidence, with a testimonials, a gallery, a biography and a contact page.

Sole traders often work in client’s homes so must be trustworthy and seen to be trustworthy.  All these pages aim to do that in different ways.

Please call and I can explain more.

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Start ups web design

Startups demand an explanation and an excitement from the opening page.
A sense of what, who and why to give a sense of trustworthiness and dynamism.
This is built around a solid, state of the art website with all necessary addons.

The website format used is ideal for the frequent additions and changes which often happens with fast moving startups.

Please call for more information.

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Established Business website design

Change happens in all companies and there comes a time when your site looks a bit like that old Volvo instead of that new Merc. Web technology has changed, sales methods and apps have changed, and it makes sense to maximise your revenue by changing too.

This can be by a complete rebuild and rethink, which is often the bravest and most effective. The ROI is best over a few years, but it is a big change.

Or the website can get a ‘brushup’, revamped with new apps, and the latest marketing apps can be considered and incorporated.

Please call to discuss which options suit you best.

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Quick & Budget website design

You have a presentation, or any need for a website, ….tomorrow or the next day. Or you are just dipping your toe in the water and don’t want to spend a lot. 

Whatever the reason I can build you a small, quick, value website, although obviously they won’t have all the bells and whistles of a full site. Please call if you need help.

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