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Professional Websites


These are included in the website build.
A general overview is here

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On page SEO is provided. Keyword research, title, title tagging, Alt tags, metadescription and effective copywritten keyword rich content are baked in to the website build. 
This accounts for about a third of the build time.

Marketing advice

With an overview of your business I’ll give the best options to use your website as an important part of the marketing mix. The range runs from newsletters to blogs, and contains social media advertising, adwords and some non internet options.

More web marketing here


The legal position and requirements keep changing and being added to. I know what they are and am able to ensure that the website is built in accordance with the law.

Support and backup

For three months after the site goes live I’ll provide help and advice with any aspect of the site, and with any problems you may be having.


At any time, be it a year in the future or whenever, I will provide help with broken sites, hacked sites or problems you may be having. Small fixes are free, others at a discounted hourly rate.

A detailed listing of what is included in a website build is here.


I can provide extra help in  WordPress lessons and Social Media use.
For specialist Adwords, or Social Media campaigns I can recommend people who I think are worth using.