Pro Photography for Web pays

Photography sells on the web. It sells everywhere which is why it is so widely used.
But bad or even adequate photography isn’t good enough.  Not only does it not sell the item but it brings the whole site’s feel down.

Amazon started it

Amazon began it, but lots of large online shops also specify strict quality standards for any photographs and they don’t make exceptions.

Amazon knows best. Again.

Amazon has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars researching this, so lets get a free ride on that research and do as they do: only use high quality images.

But I'm here to help you, now.

I can do small amounts of hi-res product shots in my own studio as well as portraits. I also know other good photographers who can help. (I spent 25 years as a photographer in London with my own studios.)

Want to chat about it, check it out? 01424 863 865/07840 779 161

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