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Need Help in a Hurry?

Sometimes something goes wrong and you can’t figure out why.
Often it is something I have seen before and fairly easy to fix.

01424 863 865 | 07840 779 161

Just call or email and I’ll have a look and let you know if it is fixable, and how much it will cost.
(In nearly ten years I have never seen something that is not fixable.)

The Free Fix

If your problem is one cased by the software, easy to fix, (i.e. takes less than 10 minutes), is not because of something you have done deliberately or by accident, and not something that has happened to you before I will fix it for free.
I estimate this covers 90%+ of all fixes.

You’re welcome.
Sorry, but free fixes are for existing clients only.

Complex Problems

Problems which don’t fit into the free fix categories, (and the decision is mine), will be charged at £25/hour or part thereof for existing clients and £35/hour or part thereof otherwise.

I’ll tell you if charges apply before I start work.

This is payable by return of invoice.


Latest Fix.

A client rang and emailed me saying his site had been hacked. He was right and all he had was a white screen with a “you have been hacked by…” message.

I researched the hackers but found nothing useful so had to go nuclear.
I had taken weekly copies of the database and was able to download all the pictures, (6 years worth).

I deleted the hacked site completely and reinstalled a new fancy, responsive and very secure site in a day. My client was a very happy chap.

He was even happier at not being charged as he is a good man, and is setting up a very good 3rd world service site and so is a bit skint.
We all chip in don’t we?

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