Marketing made for you.

Detailed Analysis

A detailed analysis of your business, your competition and the sector you are in will give a bespoke guide to which marketing tools to use with your website, and how to use them.

Ongoing Commitment

This type of marketing takes an ongoing commitment of input and work, and the plan will take into account your time and your budget because if it isn’t realistic it’s unlikely to work.


Most Effective

Newsletters can be one of the most effective marketing tools. Virtually all professional marketers rate them at number one.

Guide to Headlines and Keywords

I’ll set one up with a template, provide a guide to effective writing with keywords and headlines that grab attention, and ensure you stay within the legal requirements.

Excellent Client Generation

Some businesses do very well on social media, others less so. It takes quite a lot of effort and is slow to respond but can be an excellent way of client generation. 

Guides, Adverts & Outsourcing

Again I’ll provide guides about how to use it (Hint: lots of hashtags are useless), when to buy advertising, and even, in rare cases, if outsourcing would suit your business. 

Web Monkey Wisdom
Be a lover not a fighter on Social Media.


Top of Google

Adwords keep your site at or near the top of Google. In niche industries they are cheap, and in mainstream, high earning industries they are expensive. No surprise there.
I can advise if they will be worth using, help isolate the best keywords to target and set up a monitoring system.

Off site

“Old Fashioned” revenue improver

Other forms of marketing are effective too. “Old fashioned” leaflets work well, van livery, local press, radio can all play a part. One to always use is directory entries. Most will be pretty useless but one decent new client a year will more than pay off the effort involved. I’ll supply a list of directories based on your business for you to submit to.

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