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Responsive, fast loading websites to get more trade.

On page and local SEO

Web Design in Sussex & the UK

Has trade fallen off a cliff?

Lets get it back.

A professionally made, affordable website is essential to reach your customers.

Here is the best website offer you'll get.

The Virus has landed. Business has taken a huge hit. Some businesses won’t recover from the virus or the recession that’s coming.
Let’s make sure your business is a survivor. 
Let Customers, old and new, see you are a professional, trustworthy business, and work with you.

A simple, professional, one page website showing what you do and how is crucial  for getting and keeping customers.

It could be the thing that saves you. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

How will a 1 page website help you?

  • An established looking presence
  • A professional backup to all your social media and other marketing
  • Direct, permanent communication with customers
  • A local, trustworthy looking business
Any new offers or services will be backed up. The all important ‘trust’ factor  is shown. Your services will be used, your offers accepted.
  • Local SEO
  • Free Hosting for a year
  • Free maintenance for a year

A couple of examples

A couple of one page sites I have made, hosted and maintained in the last year.

Click the image to go to the website.


OK. How much?

I have been offering fully hosted, full maintenance websites for over two years now and have had no downtime, no problems.

The site will have SEO for your local audience and be responsive, (work on everything from phones to desktops). In addition a years FREE hosting is included, AND free backups and maintenace. 
This means you can get on with your business while the web works away in the background.

I normally charge £200 for the website and £15/month for hosting and maintenance, which is £380.
I’m offering the whole package for £125! UNDER 40% of normal!
That’s my contribution to  you and to keeping things going.
And it lasts until July 2021.

Oh, if you need one I’ll throw in a free domain for a year too!

And that’s it. No strings, no long sign in.

As I said; The Best Offer you’ll get this Crisis!

Just think: a Wix or Squarespace site is more than this (£200+/year), you only rent them you don’t get expert advice and build. And just having a FaceBook page is, sorry, Mickey.

So what now?

You can either contact me (details here) for a chat, or you could fill in a form (here) to decide what you want and let me know. 

You can always change your mind, add or delete some things, but the sooner we get things moving, the better.

Offer 2: easy selling online.

An American study of trade in the lockdown shows a 9%+ shrinkage of trade in Bricks& Mortar shops, and a 56% rise in internet sales.

Don’t wait! Get a shop online and get money flowing in again.

We can build the site, advise the easiest route for offering and accepting orders, and even advise on packaging and postage or carriage.

Detail coming this week.

Get people responding to your website

You've got a great business, when people find you

Let's make sure they use you.

Make sure your recommendations and advertising get you the business.

People will check your website before calling to do business

A great website means you

An ordinary one means you get the call.

Get them to use you!

Your website makes you stand out from the competition.

It’ll make your business stand out and attract customers, increase sales.
A website built as a marketing tool, up to date, safe, secure, appealing to customers.

 I make proper working websites.
I have for years and I’m good at it.

Fields of Expertise

Website Design

Great design for conversion, Responsive, fast and expert SEO
More about Website Design


email and social media marketing strategy to increase sales.
More about Marketing

Quick budget sites

Quick sites when it is really important. Still good, but quick.
More about Quick sites

Website Support

Problem vanished! Your site looked after for you.
More about Support soon

Here’s the free offer!

Help me help you.

You could ring to find out more (07840 779 161)
Or you could fill in the “First Ideas”form, and  email it to me.
Then when we talk I have a better idea of what you want and you get a better idea of what I think will work best for you. The form is here.

And it’s free, with no obligation.

CORONAVIRUS: No meetings. Please contact me using email, phone, txt and Skype – addresses are on the CONTACT PAGE. Stay safe and stay well.
HELP: If you need any help with your site please contact me. I’ll try and fix it – for free.

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